WordPress Website Tune-up Special

Just like a car needs regular maintenance, your website needs it too!

From software updates and security to making sure your site is easy to find on Google, a website needs regular attention.

Here's what's included in my website tune-up:

  • Software Updates. I’ll update your site to the latest, most secure versions of the software it depends upon.
  • Security. I'll make sure you website is running a top-notch security plugin that keeps hackers out.
  • Search Engine Optimization (showing up in Google Results). I’ll check to make sure your site is using essential SEO settings. If needed, I'll install & configure SEO software to ensure you're site is using essential SEO techniques. This ALONE is worth well more than $200.
  • Social Media Sharing configuration. I'll make sure your site is set up to look good when shared on Facebook.
  • Website Speed & Responsiveness + Clutter Clearing. I’ll clean out any spam comments, old posts, old drafts, and unused plugins. I’ll install a plugin to speed up your site if it doesn't have one already. If it’s already got one, I’ll review the settings to make sure they're optimized. I'll also install and configure a plugin to help prevent spam comments, saving you time in the future.
  • Website Backups . Backups are essential. I’ll check to see if your site is running backups. If it is, I’ll review the settings to make sure they’re appropriate for your site. And if your site isn’t running backups, for a deeply discounted monthly fee, I’ll set up automated backups so you can be certain that should anything ever happen to your site it can be back online ASAP!
  • GDPR compliance review. New privacy laws make GDPR compliance an essential component of a business website. I’ll make sure your website offers GDPR compliance options to your visitors. And, if you don’t have a privacy policy I can create one for your website, install it, and connect it to a GDPR compliance plugin all for only $50 (discounted from my regular price of $125).
  • BONUS: If you need me to do any other work on your website you will get a reduced price from me.

For Summer 2020 I'm offering this deal for $449 (a $649+ value). Refer a friend who hires me to do a website tuneup and you'll each get $50 off the tuneup service OR $50 toward any other service I offer.

$60 Design Promo

For a limited time for only $60 I’ll design an online ad, a flier, or an email campaign mailer for you (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.).

Refer a friend that hires me and get your ad, flier, or email campaign designed for only $50. To get your special price have your friend mention that you recommended me.

Refer two or more friends that hire me and I'll do a design for you for FREE!

Event Calendar & Ticketing System

Get an online event calendar with online ticket sales connected directly to your PayPal account. You can set up as many events as you want, and sell different types of tickets. Your clients will receive their ticket by email and you can check them in on your website. You can sell for in-person or virtual events.

I'll give you a lesson on how to manage your ticketing system, and provide you with up to one hour of additional support.

Additional features are available for an additional fee.

For the time being, I'll add event ticketing to your WordPress website for only $329. Refer a friend and get it for $299.

Essential Website SEO  ($200)

I’ll check that your site is using essential SEO settings. If your site needs it, I'll install & configure SEO software, ensuring your website is optimized and search engine friendly. Your website will be configured to share nicely on Facebook, and I'll let you know how to keep it that way.

If further SEO optimization is needed because you have many pages and blog posts I’ll let you know with a recommendation of what needs to be done. And, I'll offer you a deep discount on the work if you'd prefer not to do the work yourself.

Refer a friend to me for SEO work and you'll get $25 off your own SEO work or a $25 credit toward any other service I offer.

GDPR Compliance + Privacy Policy  ($125)

New laws make GDPR compliance and privacy policies essential aspects of any business website. I make this process easy using a streamlined approach:

  • Install and configure a GDPR compliance plugin
  • Create and install a privacy policy customized to your offerings