I'm an Information Sculptor. I help others share their wisdom with the world.

I support a wide range of creative projects and sometimes play the role of a digital Swiss army knife.

Websites & Ecommerce

  • E-commerce website design and configuration via Shopify, WordPress, or Wix
  • Website design, re-design, and development
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics installation and configuration
  • Online course development
  • Social Media integration and automation using Zapier
  • WordPress maintenance, SSL and HTTPS support

Book Design & Publishing

  • Cover designs for print, eBook, and audiobooks
  • Publication-ready interior layout and formatting
  • Self-Publishing Support (Amazon KDP)
  • Manuscript reformatting and best-practices standardization
  • Book websites, book launch campaigns including creation of digital freebies, and social media-ready assets

Graphic Design

  • Educational materials and handouts
  • T-Shirt Design and Online Store Configuration for Shopify, Wix, WordPress/WooCommerce
  • Business Cards, Posters, Flyers, and Direct Mail Design
  • Branded Stickers and Notepads
  • Game Cards (including Tarot Deck design)
  • Logo Design, Logo Updates and Refresh, Logo Digitization

Podcast Publication

  • Podcasting Account Setup for Apple and Substack.
  • Support configuring Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics
  • Podcast Branding and graphics such as social media sharing images, template design for episode-specific assets
  • Episode and season publication, Per-episode Social media campaigns

What Clients Are Saying

If you have ever experience a sort of low level anxiety when you consider tackling your tech issues, look no further than Patrick Broom to support, assist, and facilitate a whole new experience of ease.  Not only is he a genius in the tech arena, his presence, calm demeanor, and capacity to generate a feeling of discovery and "competence" (where I might have felt really stupid) is amazing.  I've hired Patrick for multiple projects.  He is efficient, brilliant and fun to collaborate with!

- Audrey Hazekamp
Owner, Tall Poppy Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Patrick for many years. His work encompassed a number of challenging projects that demanded creative use of the internet to deliver useful knowledge for a variety of different purposes.

To state it simply, Patrick excelled.  His work was always driven by profound respect for the customer’s objectives and needs. His designs consistently reflected the best practices of human interface design in organization and presentation of information.  While he excelled as an individual he was also an effective team player, extremely easy to work with and always open to ideas and suggestions.

His work is distinguished by its quality and usefulness.  If you want a product that will stand out from the universe of canned web design products and internet apps, something that conveys what you need to deliver with elegance and style, Patrick will serve you extremely well.

- Alan J. Ramsbotham, Jr
President Orion Enterprises, Inc.

Patrick is unique as a designer, an artist and as a thinker. He brings a breadth of experience and an openness that has resulted in what I consider to be a truly collaborative process. He has delivered on our commitment to re-invention and re-branding along with a depth of technical expertise that has made our new image sparkle with possibility and connect emotionally with our clients and associates.  His work continues to support us by providing a space that calls for our confidence and pride and expresses our commitments in the world.

- Jim Selman
Author & Founder of Real-Time Futures Group