Patrick Broom with Bailey the cockatooThe Gist

I'm a body-centered coach who helps others engage their body intelligence.

Tapping into your body intelligence will open for you a vast, deep ocean and world of wisdom.

Your body intelligence 'speaks' with you in your sixth sense, your innate sense of balance mixed with your cognitive abilities to conjure imagery, words, and other meaning.

Once you learn to have a healthy, productive, collaborative relationship with your body and your body wisdom, you will be well on your path from healing wounds and traumas to building out a life of your dreams, possibly something even better.

My Path to Coaching

Growing up I played team sports. Being a kid who listened, did my best to learn, and who cared about how other people were experiencing life, I also often shared my learnings. In many ways, my coaching roots are founded in those early-life experiences in which competition was goal, rather, participation, learning, and enjoyment were.

As I became an adult, I had a common story: I took myself down paths that led me away from the love and connection, the joy of living, that I so desired. I thought I was heading the right way in life. I was not. I so wasn't, and that was despite looking from the outside like I was doing OK, if a bit nervous at times. Truth was, I was living a life of pain and suffering.

By 2012 I'd woken up to the reality of where I was and what lay ahead. I saw the darkness and life devoid of personal meaning, a life in which I did not love myself. There's no unexplainable magic for what that happened where that awakening happened — at my mother's parent's house. Those two were wonderful human beings and exuded the kind of pure love most of us think of when we think of pure love — nothing extra needed, no words needed, just pure flowing energy of love. With this realization in hand, I set out about making massive changes in my life.

Since 2013 I have spent over a thousand hours in personal development seminars, workshops, and online classes.

Following my body wisdom, in 2014 I began training to become a certified Foundation Training (FT) Instructor. FT has been my grounding when I can't find it inside myself naturally and I've experienced how it re-trains one's body go into and release the fight or flight systems, which all too often become stuck in the "on" position for us modern humans.

Summer 2015 I began studying with Drs. Katie and Gay Hendricks. Their methods opened my heart and mind to new ways of relating. Through their Hendricks Institute, I became a Certified Big Leap Coach and graduated from their Leadership and Transformation Program, a 2-year intensive.

I continued my personal learnings via workshops, seminars, and programs with Jack Canfield, Kyle Cease, Janne Robinson, and other experiential and life-skills-based events.

Years later, as I write this, I remain firmly on my personal evolutionary path of growth.

Who I Work with and What to Expect

I support folks just like you with discovering how to be in harmony with their inner world and moment to moment experience. This way of living will smooth out many rough spots and in a brief amount of time will illuminate areas and ways in your life that you invite issues. Once you begin seeing those choices you have been making, from a heart-centered, clear perspective, you will be empowered to create massive change for yourself.

I teach simple practices and habits. It will be up to you to create change for yourself by applying what you are learning. I don't force my ways upon you, rather, I invite you to grow your own practices and new habits out of what already works for you. There is no script when you work with me. We will work together, I will be a support and a resource for you to rely on while you develop your way forward.

Working with me you will focus on what is happening inside of you, stepping out of blaming others and into taking full responsibility for yourself and your life. We'll talk about what it means to be 100% responsible, blame free, and we'll explore ways to get you feeling good.

A Note About Movement

A strong influence on my coaching comes from the concepts, techniques, and methods I learned by becoming a Certified Foundation Training Level 1 Instructor.

Foundation Training (FT), developed by Dr. Eric Goodman, is a body-weight based movement modality for realigning the body and teaching the body how to work in harmony with itself.

During my 8 years of FT practice I have experienced incredible openings in my muscles and joints along with accompanying reductions in pain and minor discomforts.

FT has become an essential part of my personal healing journey which has allowed me to get into and work with physical traumas from before I was 8. I imagine for many other people, Yoga has served a similar purpose. But I prefer FT for one reason: basic mechanics and baseline function is a primary focus. With those, you can do incredible things!

I use my personal FT practices as a way to reliably come home to myself while exploring and changing my inner world of emotions and thoughts. Without home base, getting lost is easy. I used to wander the woods as a child, getting lost enough where I thought myself totally lost. Then I learned I could find my way home one way or another, but fighting the experience only made it more challenging.

If you hire me as a coach you too will get to experience Foundation Training and some of what it can do for you, if not with specific postures, through the concepts and ways of moving that serve as a great experiential method for learning how your body is speaking to you and what it is saying. After all, you need to understand your body better than you do when your dog or your cat needs something. You want your noticing to be easy and light, and without requiring big events or upsets to awaken you to what is needed now.

Interested in learning more or hiring me?

Contact me directly at with a subject line that lets me know you're interested in coaching.

Are you a corporate leader who wants coaching or resiliency training for your team or organization?

My corporate work is done through Casa Alternavida, Alternavida Leadership, and Verdant Consulting. To learn more, please contact me directly at or visit their websites. Located on the northern coast of Puerto Rico, Casa Alternavida is a great place for an in-depth coaching in an all-inclusive retreat setting.