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Apps Currently Available

Self-Discovery app icon


Nancy Thiel Voogd's Self-Discovery cards can guide you on an internal journey to discover your inner wisdom. Gazing with intention at the cards drops you into the wordless realm of consciousness; as you rest into the quiet, words, thoughts, ideas, and connections will start to become clear.

Download Self-Discovery for iOS

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Presence-Connect-Play app icon


The Foundation for Conscious Living’s Presence-Connect-Play app offers you invitational prompts to support:

  • presencing in the current moment,
  • connecting with others and your environment,
  • and creating playful interactions.

Presence-Connect-Play is a collaboration with Katie and Gay Hendricks through the Foundation for Conscious Living.

Download Presence-Connect-Play for iPhone

Download Presence-Connect-Play for Android

Wonder Builder app icon

Wonder Builder

Increase your wonder skills, build your wonder muscles, and open to new realms of possibility using Audrey Hazekamp's Wonder Builder app.

Download Wonder Builder for iOS

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The Unwinder app icon

The Unwinder

Shift from fear to flow, from stuck and grinding to creating what you want! Learn valuable ways to create space inside yourself so you can source your own choicefulness.

The Unwinder is a collaboration with Harry Poliak, certified Big Leap Coach.

Download The Unwinder for iOS

Download The Unwinder for Android

About my role in the apps listed above...

Wonder Builder

Audrey and I started with her vision: converting her Wonder Builder deck of cards into a simple app.

Her app concept: upon tapping a button, play a short animation set in space, randomly choose one of her wonder questions, then display the question. Maybe make the question feel like it was coming from space.

I sketched out an idea on paper and quickly created a simple demo using mySQL, PHP,  HTML, CSS, and  jQuery. Once Audrey approved the proof of concept demo, I moved on to planning and programming.

I developed all graphics including the app icon and in-app animation. I published the app to the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, and have continued to support the app with updates to content.


Nancy Voogd wanted a mobile version of her intuitive, Tarot-like card deck, Self-Discovery.

From proof of concept on paper to an initial prototype in my app development environment, Nancy and I met regularly so she could provide feedback and input. Then, throughout the entire app creation and refinement process we communicated often to ensure we maintained a balance between budget and functionality.

We discussed how we could keep the costs within her budget without sacrificing core features she wanted in the app. A solution I came up with was to develop the card-draw history storage mechanism so that all information about a card draw we'd want to keep (draw date and time, cards drawn, type of draw, and an user entered text that accompanied the draw) was being stored, but we'd leave development of a robust, multi-function card history retrieval system to a later date.

I designed the app's interface so it aligned seamlessly with Nancy's card deck branding. In the process of developing the app, to ensure high quality graphics, it became necessary to create a new vector-based version of the deck's triple spiral logo.

Once we complete the app I published it to iOS and Android, and have continued to support the app with updates to content.

The Unwinder

One day at a Hendricks Institute transformational seminar, Harry Poliak and I began tossing around ideas of "what if..."

We'd always had plenty of fun playing together, and when the idea of an app arose between us we made an agreement to meet to explore the idea. Over once-a-week video chats we popocorned ideas, mind-mapped possibilities, then chose our point of entry for development.

Next, in a word processor we created initial app content screens that I converted into a simple demo using mySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, and jQuery. We continued our video chats, playing with the demo, and I made real-time changes as we discussed modifications. The collaboration and co-creative process of going from "could we do xyz..." to seeing those features on screen in minutes brought us many smiles.

Once we settled on our basic content and initial features I began designing the interface and app icon then started programming. After a few rounds of demos and user testing we refined the app and settled on the final version 1 release. I packaged the app for release and published it to the iOS App Store and Google Play Stores.

App Support

I do my best to create bug-free apps, yet sometimes bugs happen. If you find a problem with an app I've developed you can request App Support or Report a Bug.