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…supporting your getting centered and having a good time doing so.

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The Unwinder was created in collaboration with coach Harry Poliak

Imagine Feeling Good
is Your Natural State of Being

Imagine what would it be like if you could quickly shift into flow and ease when life feels messy or chaotic.

Imagine being able to turn down the dial on your frustrations and turn UP how good you feel and how effectively you can make changes in your life!

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to start feeling good!

The Unwinder Supports Your Well-Being

Get back into your body quickly and easily

Your body contains vast intelligence.

Listening to your body wisdom will create more happiness for you.

Use the Unwinder as a guide for tuning back into your body.

Move through fear and adrenaline with ease

Moving through the cycles of fear and adrenaline allow us to find ease, comfort, and happiness more readily.

Get present and be in the moment

You can be with what's going on inside you and around you. Doing so creates safety, ease, and flow. Accepting what is opens up your energy and potential for creating something new. Something you truly want!

Discover What You Want…Create What You Want!

Would you like to open your life up to new levels of sustained happiness and choice?

Would you like to learn life changing skills and tools in support of deeper connections, playfulness, and joy?

Download The Unwinder to start creating the life you want now!

With simple, easy to follow instructions and help available on every screen, you’ll feel happy and free in no time.

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